Measuring guides

Designing your room starts with the measurements.

If you would like one of our team to come by and take some measurements for you, just contact us to book an appointment .

Or use our downloadable graph paper here to map out your space and bring it to your appointment. 

Read our quick guide to measuring below before you start to make sure you include all the details we need.

Downloadable graph paper here


Floor Plan

Diagram 1 - Floor Plan

  •  Measure lengths marked A - J
  •  Measure each individual wall, including window openings. 
  • Note all windows and doors, also making a note which way they open, noting whether they are external or internal doors.
  •  Add in electrical sockets and any existing plumbing as well as fixed objects

Diagram 2 - Elevation

  • Your room may have a sloping ceiling or be a room with eaves. Make sure you measure the tallest (C) and shortest (A) heights as well as how far into your room the eaves extend (D). 
  • Measure between the floor and the bottom of your windows (B).

Downloadable graph paper here