K Lab is committed to a smooth delivery and installation of your brand new kitchen. We are efficient and quick to minimise disruptions to your home life.

Kitchen Preparations 

Our team will be in touch with you a week before the kitchen installation to confirm the date and time of delivery. An hour or two before your delivery, out driver will call to confirm we are on the way. They will confirm that the access is clear for them to park their vehicle.

Before the installation occurs, your site should be prepared, including any structural alterations you had in mind. If you prefer K LAB to handle the stripping and disposal of the old kitchen, we can organise experienced tradesman. They will disconnect water, gas, and electrics. They will also remove kitchen cabinets, wall tiling and old appliances. The tradesman can also help clear the kitchen of packaging, off-cuts and kitchen waste. It will be arranged neatly for collection. K LAB will then organise the waste collection to be disposed of at a facility within three days of your kitchen installation.


At the final appointment, contracts will be signed, and a deposit will be paid. The kitchen plans are now going to turn into reality. Your specifications are sent to the factory to be custom-made along with the final plan approved and signed off.  We usually deliver your new kitchen within 3-4 weeks of order placement.


With years of experience, out kitchen fitting teams ensure that your new kitchen is fitted correctly. They are committed to their work and our clients and show respect when they are in your home.

The process

1. Kitchen Cabinets
The kitchen cabinets are the first to be installed. The cabinets are secured to each other one they have been positioned, levelled and fixed. Doors and handles are fixed in place.

2. Appliances
Next, the oven, rangehood, microwave, dishwasher etc. are installed.

3. Measurement of benchtops
Once the cabinets are installed, the stone benchtops will be measured. It takes about 5-10 working days for the benchtops to be ready for installation.

4. Benchtop, cooktop and sink
These items are then installed. If a glass splashback or mirror splashback is required, measurements will be taken. Splashbacks can take up to 10 working days to be manufactured and installed.

5. Lighting
Lighting will be installed once the kitchen is complete. The wiring would have already occurred during the various stages of the installation process.

Each item is checked and measured to ensure a perfect fit.

Post installation

Once you have signed off the final document confirming your kitchen has installed, K LAB will inform the showroom, and if there is any final invoice to be paid, one will be sent you. Customer feedback is very important to us as we are a company which strives for continuous improvement and innovation and as such, we request that our clients complete a post-installation survey of their experience with K LAB and their satisfaction with their new kitchen.

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